What they say… and what they mean

I travel a lot with my work. It goes with the territory.  And I visit a lot of hotels.  I don’t know whether it’s memetics or the result of hotel industry conferences, but lots of hotels seem to have similar notices in their bathrooms.  You know the ones that say ‘Do you care about the environment?’ and go on to blackmail you to use the towels multiple times.  I’ve no issue with using towels for more than one day – after all, we all do at home (right?…), but these are frequently the same establishments that are blasting airconditioned air out of the front entrance rather than shut the door,  or that make no attempt to recycle empty bottles from the bar.  In the bathroom of one very fancy place where I stayed a couple of weeks ago, the bathroom contained the sign in this picture.  When you read the message, bear in mind that this is a place in Northern Europe with a heated outdoor swimming pool.  Saving the planet my backside!

It’d be so much better if they just told the truth.

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