The power and the simplicity of internet movies

I was recently privileged to listen to Krishna De speak on (inter alia) the use of short movies to convey information on blogs and company websites.  She demonstrated how easy it was to produce an interesting internet video content that was, if not high quality, certainly fit for purpose.

The same week I was to attend the Irish Beekeeping Summer School in Gormanston, Co. Meath – so what better than to combine two of my interests – beekeeping and marketing – and try my hand at making some movies for the Dublin Beekeepers’ website.  The results are here – with neophyes as interviewer and camera operator, anyone can see we have plenty to learn, and we could do with more sophisticated equipment than my wife’s compact camera!  Nevertheless, I hope these movies show the power of these simple tools, and, if you happen to have any interest in bees, pique your interest in the Gormanston Summer School.

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