About my bees and honey

I was a beekeeper from 1995 to 2024. Latterly I had bees in two apiaries in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, either side of Kilmacanogue. The flowers that my bees visited were varied.  Moreover, the changing weather can help or hinder a flower – and because the honey gets its distinctive flavour from the flowers that the bee visits, the honey varies year-on-year, too.  Honey is made by a very natural process – because bees are given every advantage in life by the beekeeper, they make a much bigger surplus at the end of the summer than their wild or feral brethren.  The beekeeper removes the surplus, spins it out of the honey frames, filters it, and puts in a sterile jar.  NB many advise that raw honey should not be given to infants under 12 months.

Preparing for work at the Kilmacanogue apiary. Photo: John Belchamber

In time, all honey will change from a liquid to a solid.  This process, known as granulation, is entirely natural.  If you prefer your honey liquid, then heat your jar gently (for example in a hot press) until the honey becomes liquid again.  Be sure not to heat the honey too much, because heat kills the valuable enzymes in honey.

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15 thoughts on “About my bees and honey

  1. Karen Tinsley

    I really would like to buy some of your honey. I suffer from mild hay fever and have heard that honey from a local area can help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Simon

      Hi Karen,

      Sorry but I don’t have any for sale – my last year’s crop is all gone & this year’s won’t be available for a few months. I suggest you check your local delis for Irish honey from small producers. In my humble opinion, honey from a small producer anywhere in Ireland should help as much as local honey.


  2. Christina roche

    Hi just wondering have u any honey to sell?I’m in kilmaca, needed for a 9 year old who is suffering bad with hay fever.thanks.

  3. Leslie V Gaw

    Hi Simon I would like to purchase some of your honey I live in Killiney so I could collect at any time, can you please let me know where you are?

  4. Theresa

    Hi I live in bray and would like to buy some local honey. How do I go about buying some. Thank you. Theresa


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