Comreg’s latest quarterly market report is just out

The latest COMREG quarterly telecomms market report is out.

These reports are useful for anyone in the Irish telecoms industry.  They cover fixed voice, mobile voice, broadband and broadcasting.

A few points stand out in the mobile section of the latest report:

  • Overall Irish mobile revenue is down 1.2% in the last twelve months (p. 6).
  • The mobile penetration rate was 118.3% including mobile broadband and Machine to Machine subscriptions, and 99.5% excluding mobile broadband and Machine to Machine [M2M] subscriptions (p.8).
  • Fixed voice subscriptions have grown 3.9% in the last 12 months (That seems counterintuitive – perhaps it’s being driven by the growth in converged bundles?).
  • Two-thirds of all voice call minutes are from mobile (p. 12). No surprise there.
  • There are 340k ‘Machine-to-machine’ subscriptions within the mobile base (p. 49) which equates to 7.4% of the lit SIMs. O2 have the lion’s share of the market (p. 60). Well done O2!
  • Fig. 4.2.2 suggests the growth in postpay subscribers is coming from M2M and broadband subscriptions – interesting.  It seems that if we exclude the data-only SIMs, prepaid voice is declining a little, and postpaid voice is falling faster.

    Prepaid and postpaid

    The impact of M2M and broadband subscriptions on prepaid and postpaid subscriptions. source: Comreg

  • Fig 4.3.1 shows that voice minutes continue to decline, and SMS messages outnumber voice minutes for the first time.  This has been a long time coming.  I had lunch with a former CEO of Eircell last week, where he reminded me of the surprise in the telecoms industry when Eircell achieved half a million text messages a month.  How far we have come!  Moreover, the uptick in SMS volumes gives the lie to the notion that over-the-top (OTT) services are heavily cannibalising SMS traffic.

    Voics SMS MMS volumes

    Voice, SMS and MMS volumes over time. Source: Comreg.

  • Eircom (Meteor & eMobile) report a 1% jump in market share in the last quarter (p. 62).
  • Vodafone’s and Three’s ARPU outstrip that of their rivals (Compare the traffic market shares with revenue markets shares on pp. 62-63).
  • Since mobile number porting started nine years ago, nearly 3 million ports have taken place. That’s over half today’s number of subscriptions.

Overall, the quarterly report is a handy resource for telecoms industry professionals, and is worth a look through each quarter.

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