The Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute is a new type of marketing training company – born out of a frustration felt by marketing agencies in Ireland because they could not recruit staff in Dublin with good knowledge of digital marketing.  Therefore, they set up a company to provide training in digital marketing, a need that was poorly met at the time by both the academic and the professional training organisations in Ireland.  It has now expanded to the UK, the USA and other countries.

DMI students participating in a word-of-mouth marketing workshop

Earlier this year I started delivering lectures to their students on my specialism of word-of-mouth / viral marketing, and it certainly has been a good discipline to deliver 3-hour lectures to inquisitive, demanding students.  So thanks very much to Anthony at the DMI for the opportunity to be part of this valuable institution.

Personally I’m convinced that the DMI has had a big impact on the quality of digital marketing going on in Ireland.  Learning like this will make the Irish economy more competitive.  Power to you.

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